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July 15, 2019 4 Comments

Have you noticed a distinct change in societies standard of workwear? 

Apparently a mere one in ten British workers now wear a suit to the office, a survey by Travelodge last year found.

Only half the UK's workplaces have a dress-code policy and in three quarters of those that do, the policy is for casual clothes. A suit, for example, tends to look so out of place in many offices these days that people get the impression the wearer must be off to a job interview or important meeting.

The clear trend of society is that ‘dress for success’ no longer applies to the modern workplace as comfort prevails in the modern mindset. Causal gear is becoming more and more acceptable in all industries.

In fact, researchers have found that seven out of ten employees dress casually for work because it makes them feel comfortable. Also, a quiz about fashion trends has shown that 42% of employees today believe that the tie has fallen out of favor.

This change in attitude towards clothing at work may be the next step to increasing productivity within workplaces worldwide. It’s becoming a more popular opinion that a happy working is a productive worker, and comfortable workwear is a small but important part of overall happiness in the workplace.

As a short person now starting to find that heels have taken their toll on my back, it’s brilliant news to me that flat office work shoes are starting to take off. Although sneakers and jeans may be on the increase, there are necessary occasions when power dressing is a safe bet to give a professional impression.

In the past, women have had to dress like men in order to reach senior positions in the workplace. We’re now shifting to a time when we can assert individuality through our work attire, and it should be without fear of bumping up against the glass ceiling.

When starting out in my career I was advised to “dress for the position you want not the job you have” this has stuck with me. But it’s true, if look smart and sharp others do initially perceive of you as sharp and smart person. That’s why I created ZEM (Zoe Ellis-Moore) flat work shoes, as ultimate modern solution.

Times are changing, and I would like to be at the forefront lifting other women up and providing smart and chic, comfortable work shoes for retail and business wear.

I look forward to the day when stilettos have passed their time in the same the way that top hats have for men. That will be a great time.

4 Responses


July 27, 2019

Agreed! Even our average people are starting to look homeless these days!


July 24, 2019

Glad at least someone’s taking some initiative. Flats make sense, let’s make it a revolution!


July 22, 2019

I’ve noticed this at my workplace too. No one dresses for success any more…


July 21, 2019

Yes it really is a shame, especially after hearing my mother teaching me to dress for success my whole life.

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