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About Us

Zoe Ellis-Moore (aka ZEM) designs for the stylish, high performing women of today. Women who live life by their own rules, who work hard & follow their dreams.

The Signature Collection is synonymous with these women; fashion forward, hard working and full of personality. The Collection was inspired by these women and it focuses on enabling them to be the best versions of themselves.

Established in 2016 after Nicola Thorp was sacked from job at PWC for wearing women’s flat shoes instead of heels.

We believe no woman should feel the need to conform to wearing high heels at work, or in any situation for that matter. Women’s flat shoes are more comfortable, practical and often a more stylish alternative for office work shoes. 

By wearing our flats, you can flaunt a bold and distinctive sense of style in the workplace or formal setting. ZEM shoes allow you to challenge the restricting belief of society while also flawlessly complementing outfits for any occasion, from casual coffee with friends to an important job interview. ZEM is not just a reliable brand to buy flat shoes from, we think it is important to spread our powerful message to the world.

Our flat shoe designs are fashionable and stylish, but we also design ZEM shoes to feel comfortable all day long with premium materials. The velvet but soft jelly-like texture of our women’s flat shoes creates the temptation to touch and feel, not to forget the spearmint scent incorporated into our shoes to delight the wearer’s sense of smell throughout the day. 

With ZEM flat shoes inspired by Nicola Thorp, now every woman worldwide can elevate their sense of style with a refreshing touch of glam and a tad more joy. You all deserve to be loved and appreciated in every aspect including footwear.

The Zoe Ellis-Moore brand provides you with a premium shopping experience from start to finish with an experienced team of staff and designers. Buy flat shoes from Zoe Ellis-Moore to continue Nicola Thorp’s work empowering women worldwide and challenging the demand of heels!