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Tantalising Theia - ZEM FLAT SHOE - Signature Collection

Our classic nude flat pump shoe is:

  • Peppermint scented
  • Jelly material with a velvet texture 
  • UK designed
  • Waterproof
  • Adorned with Zoe Ellis-Moore iconic ZEM Rose Gold buckle

ZEM box and dust bag included. 

UK DESIGNED: These women’s flats were developed locally by Zoe Ellis-Moore for a premium result. They’re washable, waterproof, and the design is seam-less, glue-less, vegan friendly and devoid of animal products.

MERGING DESIGN WITH FUNCTIONALITY: Our timeless creations are the ultimate symbols of sophistication, flourishing with a harmonious fusion of stylistic refinement and everyday functionality with each flat shoe individually produced.

CONSTANTLY REFINING: Zoe Ellis-Moore designs every flat shoe and box with the intention to delight by offering a real sense of modern elegance. You won’t find anything conventional at ZEM and we’re not going to stop pushing boundaries.